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GR34 is our coastal footpath based on the former coastguards’ beat in the 17th and 18th centuries where tea, tobacco, wine and spirits were regularly whisked across the Channel by smugglers to avoid England’s high import duties. It is called Le Sentier des Douaniers in French.

Pointe du Raz (World Heritage Site) A dramatic place of crashing waves and strong winds. France’s equivalent of Land’s End with breath taking clifftops, perilous waters, charming fishing ports, an authentic slice of Breton life.

Dragon (keelboat) The Dragon is a one-design keelboat designed by Norwegian Johan Anker in 1929. In 1948 the Dragon became an Olympic Class until in 1972. European Championships are held annually. Since 2008 the Dragon is one of the Vintage Yachting Classes at the Vintage Yachting Games.

“The Dragon is one of the most beautiful and prestigious keelboat classes in the world”

Char a Voile (land sailing : sand yachting) Learn to sand yacht with an experienced and qualified teacher. Three wheels, a sail and a “hull” for the pilot: it’s all very simple and safe. In ten to fifteen minutes, the beginner can grasp the basics. You will be supplied with helmet and wetsuit. Speed along a pristine wide open beach without any engine !. You will feel the thrills and have a lot of fun.

“A simple pleasure with instant thrills”

Diams 24 OD are fast and easy-to-use trimarans, a new one-design multihull sports boats that support the true racer’s desire to sail differently – speed, responsive helm, balance, new tactics… A strict one-design class with rules and easy measurement. Light, sporty, powerful, winged and designed to race with three or four people on board. The Diam 24 OD is fast in light winds and confident in stronger breeze without the necessity for high level sporting prowess.

“This small, polyvalent and accessible one design sportboat trimaran has seduced the best off shore racers on the planet . Having been designed for fast and fun sailing, it is also used in « incentive » operations, for demonstrating the pleasure of multihull sailing to beginners”

Buckwheat Whiskey Distillery  Distillers from father to son. EDDU means buckwheat in the Breton language. EDDU Silver belongs to the very heart of Brittany (France) ; it is the only whisky in the world exclusively made from buckwheat. Distillation : EDDU Silver is produced from a double distillation in a pot still heated by a direct flame and called ALAMBIC. Ageing : the long maturation is carried out in French oak casks; the blending is similar to the art of creating a perfume.

“Today, buckwheat is considered to carry many secrets of good health and longevity”

“A real discovery, this amazingly different whiskey is delicious and might soon be your favourite!”

Reserve of Cap Sizun protects an outstanding collection of some forty hectares of moors, cliffs and islets about 3 km of coastline.  Hundreds of seabirds come here in the spring for a few months to settle, to breed.

“Cap Sizun – A meeting with an authentic nature in an exceptional panorama”

Menez Drégan  Humans arrived here in the Lower Palaeolithic, about 450,000 years ago, when the climate was warm (although a new Ice Age was coming). On the nearby plain of Sizun elephants, rhino and horses roamed.  The cave is about 3m high, 15m deep, and 7-8 m wide.

A Pardon is a typically Breton form of pilgrimage and one of the most traditional demonstrations of popular Catholicism in Brittany. Of ancient origin, probably dating back to the conversion of the country by the Celtic monks.

“A Pilgrimage may only be a day long…but it lasts a lifetime”

“Rich religious heritage “Patrimoine Religieux” at it’s best”

“Great opportunity to attend a famous Breton pardon”

“It is our privilege to see and hear the wonders which have been experienced in this Church for almost four centuries, from the March 7th , 1625 in Saint Anne d’Auray”

“Brittany is excellent walking territory and is really worth exploring as it provides an excellent picture of the French coastline. This is a photographer’s dream!”

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