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   Ambassador to "Tout Commence en Finistère" 


               “Whether the sky is grey or blue,

 the magic of this region always manages

                                              to seduce you”



Where’s that ?  I know, I asked that very same question myself! 

Douarnenez  is situated in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.  Brittany has it’s own language, Breton.  The word Douar = land  and  an enez  =the island).

The steep, narrow cobbled streets which climb up to the town have changed little over the past century, revealing a wide range of places of interest, including old chapels, Les Halles (covered market) and houses once inhabited by local fishermen.

Douarnenez is famous for its sardine and mackerel fishing and still has fish canning facilities in operation.

Perhaps the most picturesque part of the town is the road along the sea front at the Port of Rosmeur which is lined with cafés and restaurants specialising in seafood which are always worth a visit.


Most restaurants offer a selection of shellfish, like crab, lobster, prawns, sardines, mussels and the catch of the day. One item we must not forget is Douarnenez's buttery cake, kouign amann, famous throughout France and beyond.  As for drinks, Breton cider can be drunk either alone or as a kir breton, a cocktail consisting of cider and cassis.

Port Rhu is famous for its boat cemetery and its Port-Musée (Museum) where it is possible to walk around a number of fishing vessels dating back to the early 20th century.

Tréboul, situated on the other side of the estuary, also has a harbour for pleasure boats, where there are bars, cafés and crêperies, all the things you could possibly need in such a magnificent iconic place.

A haven for water sports enthusiasts, and there are lots of exciting possibilities within this genre for you to try. For those who prefer to stay out of the water, there is hiking on the GR34, walking, cycling, pétanque and even the Thalasso and Les Sables Blancs a wide sandy beach, which is absolutely awesome.


Douarnenez is a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in a quite majestic region of France. We welcome people from many nations and many of those that come actually come back again and again, the weather in the summer months can be quite exceptional and when it is there is not another place like it in the whole of France.

There always seems to be a good mixture of people, those that are quite sporty and enjoy the watersports and those that just want to relax, in Douarnenez you can do both at will.

The small island Tristan which is located in the bay has a mysterious past which is linked to the legend of Ville d’Ys, Tristan and Iseult.

In summer, make the most of the sunlight by catching one of our incredible ocean sunsets - don't forget that here the sun sets later than anywhere else in Europe!

“Douarnenez.  One of the most beautiful bays in Europe” 

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